2019 Weekly Draws

The 2019 Junior Rugby League Football Club Draws will be posted here week to week on PDF for your viewing. The Botany Rams Smart Phone Application will also be updated.

Weight For Age Info

With a delegates meeting due on the 27th of November I wanted to gain some feedback on the Weight For Age concept for next year prior to meeting and to encourage debate on the night.

Attached are the guidelines that the NSWRL used this season in some competitions. Pdf below

As we look to possibly adopt them see the comments marked in Red ( on attached doc.) that I feel would be necessary to add if we continue on this path.

I expect clubs will have many queries and I would appreciate any feedback on this as an addition to what we are looking to implement.

Please note # I get the impression from the NRL and NSWRL that WFA is not a priority heading forward like it’s been made out to be in the past.

This is not to say that we shouldn’t look at trialling it for a season to gauge the buy in and success.

Stats/feedback gained by the NRL/NSWRL indicate that the majority of kids made to play up in the younger age groups are lost to the game within a year.

Perhaps the benefit will be for the extremely small kid who has an opportunity to play down.

Any feedback from your clubs would be appreciated.

Please have it in by our Botany Rams AGM on the 25th November to Donna or Lisa to pass onto the Juniors.


SSJ NSWRL Weight For Age Guidelines