Botany Juniors Rugby League Football Club has been operating for over 75 years under the names of ‘Botany United’ and ‘Botany RSL’, before becoming Botany Juniors (Rams). We are a family and community club with a proud history and committed and experienced volunteers. 


A Grade Premiers 1922, 1923 ,1924, 1933, 1934, 1935, 1947, G Grade Premiers 1959, E Grade Premiers  1961, E&F Grade Premiers 1962, D grade Premiers  1963, J Grade Premiers 1964 & 1965, F Grade Premiers 1968, D&G Grade Premiers 1970, C Grade Premiers 1971 & 1972, D Grade Premiers 1973, N&K Grade Premiers 1977, J Grade Premiers 1978, L& I Grade Premiers 1979,H Grade Preimers 1980, G grade Premiers 1981,F Grade Premiers 1982,E Grade Premiers 1983,Under 8 Premiers 1996, Under 9 Premiers 1997, Under 7 Premiers 2000, Under 6 Premiers 2001, Under 8 Premiers 2002, U9 Premiers 2007, U9 Div 2 Premiers 2009, U9 Div 2 Premiers 2011, U7 Div 2 Premiers 2012, U16 Div 2 Premiers 2013, U14 Div 2 Premiers 2014, U10 Div 1 Premiers 2015, U11 Div 2 Premiers 2015, U6 Div 1 Premiers 2017, U11 5-8 Series Premiers 2017, U7 Div 1 Premiers 2018, U8 Div 1 Premiers 2019


Henry Morris, Clive Joass, Chris Peel, R. Seddon, R. Turner, Len Harper, Don “Duck” Sweetman, Ronan Byrne, R. Harper, N. Green, Brian Luck, L. Chorley, G. Christie, Debbie Luck, Damian Luck, George Goldthorpe, Troy Bevestock, Laurie Whitmore, Steve “Wilbur” Campbell, Glen “Onie” Pitscheider, Kris Gorman, David Lynch, Robert “Witchy” Reed, Jack Hawkins, Craig Minshull, Donna McGee, Wayne McGee, Frank Bennett, Stephen Fenech, Darren Steadman, Lisa Nichol, Darryl Olesen, Cameron McGuiness

JUNIOR LIFE MEMBERS (10 Years Service)

Joel Pitscheider, Zac Pitscheider, Jordon Salas, Matt Olesen, Cooper Smith, Josh Eiao, Dylan Salas, Jesse Clark, Kane Forward, Jai Smith, Mitchell Pitcheider, Cooper Cain, Mase Ruka, Blake Cullen, Mathew Newman, Bailey Smith, Dakota Fanning, Egan Marashlian, Phoenix Lester