Botany Juniors Rugby League Football Club has been operating for over 75 years under the names of ‘Botany United’ and ‘Botany RSL’, before becoming Botany Juniors (Rams). Henry Morris, was President of Botany prior to his appointment as President of Souths Juniors. Our first A grade premiership was in 1922.

A Grade Premiers 1922, 1923 ,1924, 1933, 1934, 1935, 1947, G Grade Premiers 1959, E Grade Premiers  1961, E&F Grade Premiers 1962, D grade Premiers  1963, J Grade Premiers 1964 & 1965, F Grade Premiers 1968, D&G Grade Premiers 1970, C Grade Premiers 1971 & 1972, D Grade Premiers 1973, N&K Grade Premiers 1977, J Grade Premiers 1978, L& I Grade Premiers 1979,H Grade Preimers 1980, G grade Premiers 1981,F Grade Premiers 1982,E Grade Premiers 1983,Under 8 Premiers 1996, Under 9 Premiers 1997, Under 7 Premiers 2000, Under 6 Premiers 2001, Under 8 Premiers 2002, U9 Premiers 2007, U9 Premiers 2009

Our Club President Glen Pitscheider, his family and the new committee will help move the club forward, and in the last several years  the club has grown in numbers and we are always willing to welcome new players.

We are a family and community based club located at Booralee Park, opposite Botany Pool. Every Sunday we have the canteen running and put on a great BBQ. We would like to thank all the volunteers who give up their time to support the club.

The club takes great pride in the way the players are looked after. All money rasied and donated by sponsors throughout the year is put back into the players.

We will be looking to correctly update these records if you can assist please let us know.

Junior Life Members 2013

Jai Smith

Mitchell Pitcheider

Cooper Cain

Life Members for 2013
Darrell Olesen

Cameron McInnes 

Junior Life Members 2012

  Zac Pitscheider

Jordon Salas

Matt Olesen

Cooper Smith

Josh Eiao

Dylan Salas

Jesse Clark

Kane Forward

Well done to these boys who have played with the Rams since they were little Four Year olds, we are so proud.

Lisa Nicol 2008

Has been a big supporter of the club for a decade and worked hard as our honourable treasurer. The club is a better place for her involvement.

Junior Life Members 2007

Joel Pitscheider

Henry Morris

Henry has been a member of the club for many years. Prior to taking up his position with Souths Juniors he was the Club President

Cliff Pearce

A player for many years, currently he is the Club President. One of two players to play over two hundred games for the club.

Darren Stedman – 2008

Stephen Fenech – 2008

Frank Bennett – 2008

Donna McGhee

Wayne McGhee – 2005

Wayne came to the club in 1996 to coach the Under 7. For the next 9 years he coached the Under 6’s, two and three teams at a time

Craig Minshull – 2005

For many years Craig has been a member of the Rams both on and off the field.

Jack Hawkins – 2002

A sponsor and supporter of the club for over 20 years.His sons Dave, Mick,Taco,Jeff&Ian have all been with our club in that time. He also has his grandson Jack playing for the Rams.

David Lynch

Kris Gorman – 2002

A supporter of the club for many years, in the past Kris has managed and coached teams as well as holding the positions of Treasurer, Club Secretary and President. Kris also ran the canteen at Booralee Park for several years.Kris now holds the position of Secretary to the Chief Executive Officer at Souths Juniors.

Robert Reed – 2001

Played for the club for many years and currently the coach of the Under 10’s. Also known as Witchy he played halfback for most of his career. Witchy has been with the rams for about 13 yearsm

Glen Pitscheider – 2000

Played for the club for many years, currently the trainer for the Under 10’s, and he has three sons currently playing for the club. Known to most as Onnie he always gave 110%

Steve Campbell

Steve (also known as Wilbur) played for the club for many years as did his father and sister, currently two of his nephews are playing for the club and hopefully in the not too distant future his son (who is not yet 3) will join the club.

Laurie Whitmore – 1998

A long time player

Troy Beverstock – 1999

A long time player

George Goldthorpe

George was president for many years and the back bone of our club.George used to drive a brown ford 350 & would drive around on sundays picking kids up& take them to their games.

E Kay

B Sweetman

Barry is one of Botanys proudest supporters & gave nothing but encouragment to the players.A hard worker for our club in the 70s & 80s.

D Luck

Mrs D Luck

G Christie

L Chorley

Lindsay is one of two players to play over two hundred games for our club. A tough fella that only knew one way forward.

B Luck

Brian & his wife Deb are by far the most valuable people to have been involved with this club. Their work in the canteen and on the commitee kept this club alive.

N Green

Big nev is without doubt Botanys most respected coach. Coached C;B;A grade over many years and through his time seen a few players graded with Souths ( Daryl Neville,Mark Bush,Darren Liegh ).From the old school he knew how to keep the boys in line. Loved a footy trip as long as the race course was nearby.

R Harper

Ronan Byrne

Don Sweetman

The Duck started out with Botany selling papers outside the Pier Hotel. The duck went on to play over ten years with Botany as well as coach.

L Harper

R Turner

R Seddon

C Peel

Clive Joass